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For the expansion or new construction of passive infrastructure in fibre optic expansion:

speedpipe ground are suitable for direct burying in all FTTx-sections as well as für branching-off from existing duct routes. The dimensionally stable wall thickness out of first-class PE-HD protects each speedpipe ground duct system against the emerging ground pressure.


  • for branching-off from existing duct routes or for directly buried house connections - dimensionally stable due to the higher wall thickness: high crown compression strength for a consistently round cross section and high ranges when blowing in fibre optic cables 
  • sliding ribs specified for any dimension for an optimum air custion of the fibre optic during the blowing-in process 
  • available in various dimensions in strong colors for better distinction 
  • suitable combination for all laying methods with subduct solutions due to appropriate fittings

Due to the higher crown compression strength compared to for example a PE-HD duct Ø 50 mm, the speedpipe retain their round cross section. Thus the internal sliding ribs even after decades contribute to set up an optimum air cushion for high ranges during the blowing in process of fibre optic cables.

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    speedpipe bundles ground for any installation method.