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    Divisible connector with gas-stop

Sealing empty and occupied speedpipe with the divisible connector with gas-stop - also in longitudinal direction.

Tensile and directly buriable: the divisible connector connects alreay occupied speedpipe. Especially ahead of house transition points and ground connectors the integraded gas-stop pays off: 

It serves for the the gas- and water-tight sealing of speedpipe up to a pressure of 0.5 bar also in longitudinal direction. Buildings and sleeves remain dry and safe.

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    Download descriptionCategoryLast update
    EBM-GS 10/4, 12/10Assembly instructions02.07.2020
    EBM-GSAssembly instructions01.07.2020
    EBM-GS 12Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    EBM-GS 10Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    EBM-GS 14Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    EBM-GS 7Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    EBM-GS 16Technical data sheets29.06.2020
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  • NameSealing area cable (mm)D (mm)Art. No.St. / VE
    EBM-GS 7 / 0,8-4,00,8-4,074241512
    EBM-GS 10 / 1,8-3,51,8-3,5104245012
    EBM-GS 10 / 3,0-5,03,0-5,0104245112
    EBM-GS 10 / 5,0-6,55,0-6,5104245212
    EBM-GS 12 / 3,0-5,03,0-5,0124244712
    EBM-GS 12 / 5,0-6,55,0-6,5124244812
    EBM-GS 12 / 6,5- 8,06,5-8,0124244912
    EBM-GS 14 / 5,0-6,55,0-6,5144244512
    EBM-GS 14 / 6,5-8,06,5-8,0144244612
    EBM-GS 16 / 6,5-8,06,5-8,00106812
    EBM-GS 16 / 8,0-9,58,0-9,5160106912
    EBM-GS 16 / 9,5-11,09,5-11,0160107012
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