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    Protection and stiffening function all in one: stiffeners for bundles with lose outer sheath

(Double-) outside stiffener - for bundles SRV:

The sealing element ADE / TDUX 90 / 100 (CommScope) seals occupied cable ducts > 110 mm. Thereto the siffeners strengthen the flexible jacket duct of up to two SRV 50 / 8 x 10 from the outside. Thus the divisible fittings avoid that the pressure of the TDUX changes the shape of the internal speedpipe (ovalisation). 
Fibre optic cables furtheron can be blown in.

Inside stiffener - for all in-duct bundles:

before assembling the divisible seals the flexible jacket duct of the speedpipe bundle SRV and SRV-G is strengthened with a stiffener. A round duct with a standardised diameter is the result. The clamping rings of the sealing elements gain traction without damaging the internal speedpipe.

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