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Each subduct system only is as good as its resistance! For long usability and for the protection of your active network technologies gas-, dirt- and water-tight sealing and fixing elements are essential.

Fast and cheap: use existing duct systems with speedpipe and save civil engineering costs for the broadband expansion.

With the speedpipe system – small single ducts and bundles – for subduct solutions you upgrade existing ducts and duct systems with fibre optics in just two steps: blow in single microducts or feed in bundles, then blow  fibre optic cables into the speedpipe system.

Civil engineering is "the" cost driver in broadband expansion - and can be saved!

PE-HD ducts that are empty or occupied with cables, or cable duct systems often contain valuable and unused space under the ground. The current equipment with fibre optic or copper cables only plays a downstream role: 

Our subduct solutions often find space besides already installed cables.


This way you optimally exploit existing ressources and remain flexible for the future.

Your complete system for existing duct systems:

Branching off from existing duct systems without manhole.


The standard for subsequent interventions at duct systems.