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    speedpipe indoor: fire protection and safe networks in the building.

speedpipe Indoor withstand all requirements to fire protection and fibre optics.

According to the EU-Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, the speedpipe indoor system has entirely been tested according to EN 61386-22, e.g.

  •  Fire tests corresponding to the legal security objectives

  •  Installation and laying regulations 

  •  Compatibility with firewall

The norm

Conduit systems for electrical installations and for information - part 22: Particular requirements for pliable conduit systems (IEC 61386-22:2002). All speedpipe indoor dimensions were teseted and received their classification code according to DIN EN 61386-22. Thus the laying process according to DIN VDE 0100-520 can be broken down. The speedpipe indoor receive VDE certification as well as a CE label.

Compatibility with firewall according to En 61386-22

The various speedpipe indoor dimensions and components are suitable for being layed in firewalls for wall and masonry ducts. 


Please notice: 
The firewall used in combination with speedpipe indoor in its General Building Approval (ABZ) or its European Technical Assessment (ETA) must dispose of an appropriate applicability for "pliable conduit systems according to EN 61386-22" or the direct reference to  speedpipe indoor.

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    Laying instructions speedpipe indoorInstallation instructions03.09.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 12 x 2,0Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 10 x 1,0Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 14 x 2,0Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 7 x 1,5Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 5 x 0,75Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 10 x 2,0Technical data sheets25.08.2020
    speedpipe-indoor 4 x 0,75Technical data sheets25.08.2020
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  • NameDxs (mm)kg / mSpool Dxs (mm)Pressure levelG (kg)*L (m)Art. No.
    sp indoor 4×0,754×0,750,008340×340×340PN 16ca. 96003510
    ca. 0,00801683PN 16ca. 1916003500
    sp indoor 5×0,755×0,75ca. 0,011340×340×340PN 16ca. 84003511
    ca. 0,011600×360PN 16ca. 1710003501
    sp indoor 7×1,57×1,50,030340×340×340PN 16ca. 122503513
    ca. 0,030600×360PN 16ca. 215003502
    ca. 0,030700×370PN 16ca. 5112503503
    sp indoor 10×1,010×1,0ca. 0,030700×370PN 10ca. 285003504
    ca. 0,0301200×370PN 10ca. 10325003505
    ca. 0,030700x370 / 1200x370PN10ca. 28 / 103500 / 25003504 / 3506
    sp indoor 10×2,010×2,0ca. 0,0531200×370PN 16ca. 16525003525
    ca. 0,053700x370 / 1200x370PN16ca. 40 / 165500 / 25003526 / 3525
    sp indoor 12×2,012×2,0ca. 0,066700×370PN 16ca. 363503506
    ca. 0,0661200×370PN 16ca. 16020003507
    sp indoor 14×2,014×2,0ca. 0,076700×370PN 16ca. 322503508
    ca. 0,0761200×370PN 16ca. 14215003509

    G (kg)* = Total weight incl. spool
    Other dimensions on request
    Color: Natural (white)

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