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    Use existing duct systems: speedpipe for subduct solutions

speedpipe - complete system for subduct solutions.

speedpipe for subduct solutions are blown into PE-HD ducts over long distances. Free space withing occupied or empty duct systems can be used to the maximum. Simultaneously the bigger inner diameter, compared to small microducts that can be layed in the ground, offers space for high fibre capacities - space that can be exploitet for every single speedpipe even after decades.


Product characteristics

  • small outer diameter for optimum exploitation of the existing duct capacity 
  • can also be blown in with occupied PE-HD-protective pipes (Ø 40, 50, 63 mm)
  • reusable even after blowing out installed fibre optic cables - like on the first day 
    sliding ribs specified for any dimension for an optimum air cushion of the fire optic during the blowing in process
  • available in various dimensions in stron golours for better distinction
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