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Thin-walled speedpipe single ducts in connections: SRV and D-SRV

By means of a cable grip on the flexible jacket pipe the speedpipe bundles SRV and D-SRV are drawn into cable ducts.

  • By means of the internal eight speedpipe 10 x 1,0 mm up to two bundles can be drawn into an empty cable duct Ø 110 mm. 
  • Even in case of an occupancy with a cable up to Ø 55 mm the SRV optimally exploits the residual section for additional fibre optic cables. 
  • The comparison with a standard multi-duct MR4 regarding material and effort clearly is in favour of the bundle. 

Mainly use in practice for blowing in fibre optics: distribution level FTTN and FTTC


Each subduct system only is as good as its resistance! For long usability and for the protection of your active network technologies gas-, dirt- and water-tight sealing and fixing elements are essential.