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    Connection of speedpipe bundles for fibre optics in the trench - or at the transition from ducts to direct burying.

The SRV-M and SRV-M MAXI serve for the pressure-tight protection of the connecting points of two buried speedpipe bundles agains the penetration of gas and water through the duct gaps. In case of a subduct solution with jacket duct up to Ø 63 mm or at the transition to a buried bundle, the connectors connect the complete duct system - also gas-, pressure- and water-tight.

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    Download descriptionCategoryLast update
    SRV-M MAXIAssembly instructions02.07.2020
    SRV-M MAXI (für SRV-G tc oAm)Assembly instructions02.07.2020
    SRV-MAssembly instructions02.07.2020
    SRV-M MAXI 63-50Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    SRV-M MAXI für SRV-G tc Größe 2Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    SRV-M MAXI für SRV-G tc Größe 1Technical data sheets29.06.2020
    SRV-MTechnical data sheets29.06.2020
    SRV-M MAXITechnical data sheets29.06.2020
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  • NameL (mm)D (mm)Art. No.St. / VE
    SRV-M 40455400485310
    SRV-M 50455500485210
    SRV-M 50 MAXI55050011902
    SRV-M 63 MAXI55063011912
    SRV-M 63-50 MAXI55063-50013582
    SRV-M MAXI für SRV-G tc – Größe 1 ¹550tc017042
    SRV-M MAXI für SRV-G tc – Größe 2 ²550tc023212

    ¹ Anwendung für SRV-G 7×7 tc, SRV-G 8×7 + 1×12 tc, SRV-G 12×7 tc, SRV-G 12×7 + 1×14 tc, SRV-G 14×7 tc, SRV-G 18×7 tc, SRV-G 22×7 + 1×12 tc, SRV-G 24×7 tc, SRV-G 24×7 + 1×14 tc, SRV-G 7×10 tc, SRV-G 12×10 tc, SRV-G 3×12 tc, SRV-G 7×12 tc, SRV-G 3×14 tc

    ² Anwendung für SRV-G 12×12 tc, SRV-G 4×20 tc, SRV-G 5×20 tc

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