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Milling technologies and trenching.

A cheap and quick variant for the new construction of fibre optic routes within localities.

Quickly also within localities.

Narrow duct trenches are milled in and under asphalt in applying the trenching milling method. After having layed the speedpipe ground bundle in the duct trench under tension, the road surface is closed with the appropriate filling.

How it works:

We recommend the application of this method preferably on pavements, cycle paths and roads with reduced load. So far no long-term experience is available concerning road damages and effects on speedpipe ground.

What is strictly to observe at the milling process?

- No stones on speedpipe ground or SRV-G tc 

- Straight laying of SRV-G tc 

- Laying under tension 

- Lay SRV-G tc linearly, planely and without twisting

- Branching by use of TBS and LBS 

- never expose speedpipe ground and SRV-G tc to temperatures higher than 80 °C

Any questions concerning speedpipe?

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