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    Secure sealing and fixing of speedpipe indoor.

Divisible indoor seals EZA-t micro

EZA-t micro indoor

Tensile strength and stability: Due to the compact design, you seal occupied speedpipe indoor optimally and safely even in extremely limited spaces. The different coloured sealing rubbers fit perfectly to all common cable diameters which are suitable for the respective pipe dimension due to the intuitive mounting.

Product features

  • tensile
  • gas- and water-tight up to 0.5 bar
  • easy and quick to install
  • NameCable diameter in (mm)Colour sealing rubberavailable forLength (mm)Pcs. / PUOuter diameter (mm)water impact classes according to DIN 18533Art. No.
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor0,5redspeedpipe indoor 5 × 0,7521,5501014180
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor1greenspeedpipe indoor 5 × 0,7521,550101,54181
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor1,5bluespeedpipe indoor 5 × 0,7521,550101,84182
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor1,9yellowspeedpipe indoor 5 × 0,7521,550102,24183
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor2,3whitespeedpipe indoor 5 × 0,7521,550102,54184
    EZA-t 7 micro indoor0,5redspeedpipe indoor 7 × 1,521,5501014185
    EZA-t 7 micro indoor1greenspeedpipe indoor 7 × 1,521,550101,54186
    EZA-t 7 micro indoor1,5bluespeedpipe indoor 7 × 1,521,5501024187
    EZA-t 7 micro indoor2yellowspeedpipe indoor 7 × 1,521,550102,54188
    EZA-t 7 micro indoor2,5whitespeedpipe indoor 7 × 1,521,5501034189
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor1,5bluespeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,5501524195
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor2yellowspeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,550152,54196
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor2,5whitespeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,5501534197
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor3greyspeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,550153,54198
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor3,5brownspeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,5501544199
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor4violetspeedpipe indoor 10 × 2,024,550154,54200
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    EZA-t 5 micro indoorAssembly instructions24.02.2022
    EZA-t 7,10 micro indoorAssembly instructions24.02.2022
    EZA-t 5 micro indoor
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    EZA-t 7 micro indoor
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    Technical data sheets20.04.2022
    EZA-t 10 micro indoor
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    Technical data sheets20.04.2022
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