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Particularly inside buildings very strict material requisitions come into application - especially with regard to fire protection. The speedpipe indoor system masters the transition between optimum safety, optimum blowing in characteristics and ease of assembly.

Provision is obligatory - and meanwhile set in stone for the whole European Union:

"The existence of high-speed electronic communications networks up to the end-user should be facilitated [...] in particular by high-speed-ready in-building physical infrastructure. Given that providing for mini-ducts during the construction of a building has only a limited incremental cost [...] all new buildings or buildings subject to major renovation should be equipped with physical infrastructure, allowing the connection of end-users with high-speed networks." (Extract from the EU-Directive 2014/61/EU)

Regardless of legal obligations particularly in apartment buildings or heavily loaded building networks the infrastructure within the building cover must be suitabel for the quick connection to outside.  

Seminar „Modern building networks with fibre optics from the basement to the apartment“

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