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    Proven: lay speedpipe bundles ground in the open trench.

Composition and structure of duct bedding

Laying SRV-G tc in the open duct trench is suitable for any terrain and any section of broadband expansion.

Speedpipe Rohrverband Grabensohle Rohrbettung

Composition and structure of duct bedding

In case of rocky or stony subsoil, the trench bottom must be excavated at least 0.15 m deeper and the excavation must be replaced by a stone-free layer (sand 0-2, with maximum grain size Ø 2 mm). After laying under tension, the cable section must be backfilled with sand up to 10 cm above the bundle peak (see ZTV-TK network 10 / 11)What is strictly to observe at an open trench?

Offener Graben/Grabensohle Rohrbettung speedpipe-ground

What is strictly to observe at an open trench?

For the trench bottom and the duct bedding only compactable and stonefree material (grainsize < 63 mm) may be used. Before the laying process the trench bottom must be gently vibrated with a compactor. Pay attention to an even compacting. Mechanical compacting equipment is not allowed under 30 cm depth of coverage.

Speedpipe Rohrverband SRV-g tc offener Graben Bagger


  • Long service life
  • Typically no restrictions on nominal size, profile type or raw material
  • High availability of ducts and components with defined material properties

Source: Installation concepts in fibre optic expansion - Adams Consult (Whitepaper)

Impressions from practice

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    Laying instruction & Whitepaper


    Laying Instruction for

    speedpipe bundle ground SRV-G / SRV-G tc



    Installation concepts in fibre optic expansion

    speedpipe bundles ground

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      Installation concepts in fibre optic expansion
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