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    Second step in broadband expansion:

    speedpipe ground for the new construction of fibre optic routes.

speedpipe ground and speedpipe bundle ground
- directly layed in the ground

Allow high blowing-in distances of fibre optic cables. Certified according to DIN 16874, it is still possible to blow in fibre optic cables over long distances even after decades.

speedpipe - Löesungen fuer die direkte Erdverlegung

In case no existing duct systems are available for fibre optics, the new construction of underground routes directly under the surface comes into play. Using speedpipe ground and speedpipe ground bundles for direct burying for the construction of new fibre optic routes makes additional protective ducts obsolete without any losses in performance.

speedpipe Erdverlegung

Saving material and working hours:

  • No additional storing of protective ducts.
  • No additional blowing-in process of microducts.

In only one working step - the professional laying of speedpipe ground - you realize a durable passive infrastructure for high distances at blowing in fibre optics in the long term.  

With constant performance throughout the entire lifetime you stay flexible for decades: so consider future capacity requirements concerning quantity and dimensions of ducts already today.

Your complete system for the underground installation of microducts:


Expansion or new construction of passive infrastructure.

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Branch supports

Minimize risks and safely blow in fibre optics up to the building.

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speedpipe bundles for direct burying

The allrounder among bundles.

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speedpipe house lead-ins

Master the transition into the building.

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speedpipe direkte Erdverlegung


speedpipe ground are suitable for all installation methods.

Information about laying methods
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