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    A medium sized company sets new standards

gabocom is the manufacturer of microduct systems - made in Germany, in Niederwinkling, Lower Bavaria.

All our departments are joined under one roof – from the development up to the European-wide distribution. This loyalty to a location allows short time expenditure for decisions and maximum efficiency. But first and foremost it assures an all over quality management on behalf of our various satisfied customers. 


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A harmonised complete system from one provider, constant performance throughout the entire lifetime, more than 50 years experience in telecommunication: gabocom is your future network partner.

More than 320 highly qualified employees resposible for your development, production and your sales. Together we have reached a milestone: gabocom is the epitome of highes quality all over Europe and belongs to the members of the European Fibre to the Home Council.


Broadband expansion in Germany and Europe is in full process - gabo Systemtechnik GmbH in Niederwinkling will participate also in the coming years because in 2002 the company initiated an upheaval in broadband expansion: with the introduction of the gabocom speedpipe microduct system, the telecommunications providers finally were able to flexibly equip existing duct systems for copper and fibre optics. 

As manufacturer of integral microduct systems for telecommunication thus the lower Bavarian system supplier is an important contact for international telecommunications companies in the matter of sustainable and scalable planning of infrastructures to the building connection. 

Due to the economical and spatial expansion gabo Systemtechnik GmbH moreover safeguards the location Niederwinkling and new regional jobs for the future. Already now gabo Systemtechnik intensifies its personnel recruitment for the divisions production, warehousing & logistics and dispatch. The building design holds reserves for further company divisions as well.


The name gabocom already describes the historical development of our enterprise with one word: Out of the plastics processing plant G ebrüder A nger GmbH & Co. – founded in 1956 in Bo gen, Germany, as manufacturer of drainage pipes – in 1970 emerged an independent division. This specialised in the demands of Tele com and started with laying ducts. 

Today gabocom is located in the German town Niederwinkling and is known as the leading partner of telecommunication enterprises and network operators in Germany as well as all over Europe. With the speedpipe system we established completely new possibilities for blowing in fibre optic cables and set standards which are valid all over the world. Several million of kilometres have already been installed successfully since 2002 – and they become more every day.

gabocom Entwicklung

From drainage pipe to speedpipe

1956 –  Foundation of the plastics processing plant Gebrüder Anger GmbH & Co. 

1970 – First production of plastic ducts for Telekom 

2002 – speedpipe sets new standards for fibre-to-the-X all over Europe 

2006 – speedpipe bundle SRV and speedpipe bundle ground SRV-G are developed

2010 – findos Investor becomes the new owner of gabocom

2017 – Bregal Unternehmerkapital supersedes findos Investor as owner

2019 – Bregal Unternehmerkapital sells the gabocom shares to Aptiv PLC. Thus gabocom becomes a Member of HellermannTyton

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