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    The split duct system as standard for subsequent operations at cable ducts.

Split duct system

Safe repair of occupied cable ducts.

The beginnings of gabocom more than 40 years ago were intelligent duct systems for telecommunication and communications engineering. Until today the name gabocom stands for the big picture of durable broadband networks. With subduct solutions the reliability and maintenance of the surrounding protective pipes at least is as important as the performance of the internal speedpipe. 

In the event of damage every minute counts. By means of the split duct system a gas- and water-tight repair without network interruption can be carried out at existing duct systems - quick, cost-saving and absolutely reliable. Split ducts, connectors, branches and assembly devices fulfill all requirements of a route. 

Optimum choice for repair works and more.

If a cable duct is damaged, the gas- and water-tight repair must be carried out as quickly and economically as possible. Solutions are required also for branching off single speedpipe from the complete system or at existing duct routes, that can be realised in practice saving both time and money. This is exactly why gabocom has developed the proven split duct system. Besides split ducts it comprises also connectors and branches in the dimensions 32, 40, 50, 110 and 125 as well as tools for a user-friendly assembly. 

On the following pages you will learn more about the split duct system. Your personal contact person will gladly advise you and will accompany you on the way to your perfect solution. 

The advantages of the split duct system at a glance:

Quick repair without any net-interruption. 

Repair and assembly works can be carried out both quick and cost-saving. 
Meanwhile occupied ducts can be used further on without any signal interruptions.  

Fulfilment of all route requirements.

All fittings are produced form high-quality raw materials and can be connected also to manholes without any problems. 
They are divisible, tensile, gas- and water-tight. 
They are gas- and water-tight up to 0.5 bar and therefore fulfill the Telekom standard.
The dimensions 32, 40 and 50 also are suitable for blowing in with a compressor pressure of up to 10 bar.. 

The components of the split duct system of gabocom:

Split ducts

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Split duct bends

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Repair sleeves

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Installation tools

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