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    Plan, realize and operate fibre optiv networks - efficient and with low maintenance.

Public utilities

The speedpipe system - a system for the future.

With the various duct dimensions of the speedpipe bundles for direct burying your remain flexible for FTTC and FTTB also in later years.

speedpipe in der Qualitätssicherung

Needs-based laying - make provisions according to DigiNetAct

One small single duct of a speedpipe bundle SRV-G 24x7 tc already holds fibre optic cables with up to 12 fibres - depending on manufacturer and cable. On the distribution leven andn the SRV-G 7x14 tc there is even space for fibre optic cables with up to 144 fibres. In case you later need more fibres than available: Remove existing fibre optic cable and blow in again an appropriate fibre optic cable even after decades.

speedpipe Mikrorohrverbände kombinieren

combine speedpipe with other disciplines - always and everywhere.

Whether water, gas, electricity - whether legally required or voluntary: speedpipe and speedpipe bundles  always can be layed whenever the undergound is open. With each laying method and with each discipline.

speedpipe for direct burying and flexible fibre optic solutions.

For each level of broadband expansion - FTTN, FTTC, FTTB and FTTH - speedpipe as a complete system offers the appropriate solution. We will gladly advise you!

speedpipe ground for direct burying

Safe realization of fibre optics to the building.

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speedpipe bundles for direct burying

The efficient new construction of fibre optic routes.

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