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    speedpipe bundles: PE-HD ducts with diameter 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm fpr fibre optics.

Thick-walled speedpipe ground single ducts in connection: SRV-G with cutting device

The increased admissible tensile force of speedpipe ground especially pays off in the tight relation of the existing capacity to the outer diameter of the speedpipe. Nevertheless, to use the residual space, a cutting device removes the lose duct coat before the drawing-in process. A pulling head that is directly placed on the ends of the speedpipe fixes the single ducts and guarantees an optimum focus of power - without taking more space in the duct. Thus also bundles with more than eight internal speedpipe or additional single ducts can be fed into the duct. 

speedpipe ground loser Rohrmantel
  • A pulling head directly fixes the single speedpipe without increasing the outer diameter of the speedpipe bundle.
  • A cutting device removes the flexible jacket pipe before reaching the duct system for minimizing friction losses.
  • For higher ranges it is recommended to use lubricants and to help the spool rotating. - in practice for FTTB and FTTH. 

Mainly use in practice of the microducts for blowing in fibre optics up to the building: FTTB and FTTH


Each subduct system only is as good as its resistance! For long usability and for the protection of your active network technologies gas-, dirt- and water-tight sealing and fixing elements are essential.

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    speedpipe ground 12 x 2
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    Technical data sheets19.01.2021
    SRV-G 40 / 14 x 7
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    Technical data sheets19.01.2021
    SRV-G 50 / 18 x 7
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    Technical data sheets19.01.2021
    SRV-G 50 / 24 x 7
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    Technical data sheets19.01.2021
    Installation concepts in fibre optic expansionWhitepaper10.08.2020
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    NameItem no. gabo colour codekg / mG (kg)*QuantityJacket pipe orange Dxs (mm)Part No. DIN colour codespeedpipe Dxs (mm)L (m)
    SRV-G 32 / 6 × 7**3834ca. 0,20ca. 1100632×0,57×1,54000
    SRV-G 40 / 8 × 73838ca. 0,26ca. 1300840×0,57×1,54000
    SRV-G 50 / 10 × 73836ca. 0,35ca. 16001050×0,57×1,54000
    SRV-G 40 / 14 × 73067ca. 0,40ca. 18001440×0,523637×1,53500
    SRV-G 50 / 18 × 73828ca. 0,55ca. 14001850×0,538307×1,51950
    SRV-G 50 / 24 × 71672ca. 0,70ca. 16502450×0,57×1,51800

    * Total weight including spool

    ** after technical clarification

    Delivery of these SRV-G on a disposable wooden spool: 2400 × 1200mm

    NameColourDxs (mm)kg / mPressure levelG (kg)*L (m)Art. No.
    speedpipe ground 12 × 2,0yellow-green12 x 2,00,060PN 16150200002175
    speedpipe ground 14 × 2,0orange14 x 2,00,074PN 16140150004134
    speedpipe ground 16 × 2,0turquoise16 x 2,0ca. 0,084PN 16130120042302

    * Total weight including spool

    Delivery of these speepipe on a disposable wooden spool: 1200 × 370mm

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