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    A small investment increases the durability and safety of your fibre optic network.

    Once learnt - aware of forever: proven principles repeat themselves in various products. With a minimum effort: each fitting is assembled by hand or with standard tools. 


    Our numerous fitting accessories for all our speedpipe dimensions and bundles offers you the full-service package in the matter of  fibre optic up to the building.

    Whether subduct solution or direct burying: only with suitable sealing, fixing and connecting elements your microduct system also is used on the long term - and you remain flexible in fibres occupation.

    On your website you get an overview about,

    • gas- and water-tight connection of speedpipe up to 0.5 bar - also by direct burying. 

    • master the transition from subduct to direct burying - for all duct dimensions.

    • preparation against linear expansion at subduct installations - and thus to be on the safe side also for the future. 

    • prevention of civil engineering - by marginal investments in network safety. 

    • professional handling of speedpipe - for a low-maintenance system over many years.

    Suitable for any kind of expansion and their transition:

    The first step in broadband expansion: use existing duct systems.


    The second step in broadband expansion: new construction of duct routes.