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    speedpipe bundles SRV-G tc for direct burying

With speedpipe bundle ground many microducts are layed in one sweep:

speedpipe bundle ground SRV-G tc bundle various colored, thick-walled speedpipe ground by means of a tight outer sheath.

Variable for each section at FTTX:

Due to the variety of single duct dimensions of the speedpipe ground and their combination within the bundle, with the speedpipe ground bundles SRV-G tc you consider spare capacities for the future.

Our system concept is reflected in the protective function and the ease of assembly of the tight outer sheath: it is rugged against the impacts of the surrounding soil, but nevertheless can be opened quickly, easily and safely for branching-off from the bundle.

For a safe installation the tight outer sheath fixes the internal speedpipe ground in their position. Additionally you insert the bundle in linear guide of the speedpipe ground directly into the intended opening in the ground by removing it under tension. The overlying soil also in future keeps the bundle and the single ducts in situ.

With the multitude of variants of the SRV-G tc, you are ready for all levels of broadband expansion and application scenarios - optionally even combined in one design. The combination of smaller dimensions with an internal single duct of a greater diameter is suitable for  FTTB/H as well as for FTTN/C: speedpipe ground 7 x 1,5 or 10 x 2,0 serve for house connections, the additional speedpipe ground 12 x 2,0 or 14 x 2,0 expands your access network.

Alternatively with this combination you prepare yourself against unforeseen interventions from the outside: in case the greater duct diameter remains unoccupied, use the speedpipe ground as average duct in the event of damage. Your fibre optic network quickly returns into operation, simultaneously you have enough time for the professional repair of the fibre optic cable. 

The complete system speedpipe ground:

speedpipe ground

For branching-off and for house lead-ins

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speedpipe house lead-ins

Master the transition into the building.

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Branch supports

Minimize risks and safely blow in fibre optics up to the building.

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Connecting, sealing, fixing and much more

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speedpipe bundles ground are suitable for any installation method.

Installation methods
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