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FTTB: fibre optic up to the building

Whether Streaming services, home-office offers or smart building: internet more and more penetrates our everyday life. The increasing demand for efficient and nationwide available broadband connections culminates in one common denominator: the fast, efficient and sustainable construction of fibre optic networks. 

The required needs-based installation and the uniform material concept of the federal government commands the municipalities, the network operators and the manufacturer. The speedpipe system reduces everything to a common denominator - on each level of broadband expansion.

speedpipe - the Standard for subduct solutions, direct burying and fibre optic in the building

For each level of broadband expansion - FTTN, FTTC, FTTB and FTTH - speedpipe as a complete system  offers the appropriate solution. We will gladly advise you!


The cheapest way of broadband expansion.

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The efficient new construction of fibre optic routes.

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Fire protection and fibre otpic in the building

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Sealing, connecting and fixing - for every variant of speedpipe.

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