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All valuable information about the application ranges of the speedpipe system, laying methods and assembly tips and tricks.


First hand knowledge for speedpipe installation

Branch and connect speedpipe bundles, assemble EZA-t to speedpipe and speedpipe bundles, seal occupied protective pipes - and much more!

Coordinated training program

Mention your subjects - we will issue the perfect mixture of theory and practice. Don't be afraid: even the theoretical part is packed with examples from our 40 years experience in telecommunication.

Reduce risks - to the delight of the customer

Our common goal: at the end of the day you are expected to be safe in the professional handling of speedpipe. Every participant is invited to frankly ask his question concerning the laying methods. With background information you will understand all coherences.

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What to expect:

The cheapest way of broadband expansion.

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The efficient new construction of fibre optic routes.

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Fire protection and fibre otpic in the building

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Sealing, connecting and fixing - for every variant of speedpipe.

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